Another StatusNet client for Nokia N9/N950

I’ve been working on a Qt client for some time now, called Yaics1 (since Dec 1, 2010 according to the git log). When I got an N950 for loan (see my blog post on Heebo) my first experiment was to get my StatusNet client to run. To my disappointment the graphical user interface didn’t work at all, everything had to be rewritten in QML. Well, I did it, and now I can run my StatusNet client both on the desktop and on the N9/N950.

So, when Mike Sheldon recently published his great StatusNet client for MeeGo/Harmattan I realised I should probably finish mine as well, and put it out there if someone wants to use it. I’ve been using it myself for a few months now, but I’ve been putting off actually publishing it. Well, the code has been up for a long time, but most people want a ready-made package, I guess :-)

It’s far from perfect, especially the backend, which still uses the old Twitter-compatible API. Also it doesn’t use the Harmattan event feed yet. And the code is pretty crufty C++, QML and JavaScript. I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to spend the effort to clean it up enough to publish it on the Ovi store or on Apps For MeeGo. But for now you can just get it here:

Download: yaics_0.1.1_armel.deb

Update 26 April, 2012: Updated to version 0.1.1 which potentially fixes a crashing bug. Potentially.

Some features of the Harmattan (N9/N950) client include:

  • Works with and other StatusNet instances.
  • Shows context of dents if you tap on them.
  • Reply, repeat, favourite dents.
  • Fetches and caches avatars.
  • Should work with private messages (although not heavily tested).

Not yet implemented (and might never be…):

  • Using the Harmattan feed view.
  • Posting attachments.
  • Displaying attachments.

The code is in my git repository, which also includes the desktop client. The most recent source code can be accessed from

Update 21 March, 2015: Stig Atle Steffensen has taken over maintainership of Yaics.

To build the MeeGo/Harmattan client, take a look at — you probably need to fix some paths, though. And, at least for now, report any bugs to me via e-mail to

  1. Yet Another Client Something — yes it’s extremely funny. 

Posted by Mats Sjöberg.

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