My new laptop - Thinkpad X61s

lenovo_thinkpad_x61s.jpg So I finally bought a new laptop computer, which I have been planning to do for some time now. I was first thinking of buying another Mac (my previous laptop was an Apple iBook), but then a friend introduced me to the Lenovo Thinkpad X61s which I finally picked. I did think about it for some time, both models had their pros and cons.

The MacBook of course runs my favourite operating system, Mac OS X, on the other hand it’s white and a bit too large and heavy since I was really looking for an ultraportable computer. I know that you can get it in black, but I couldn’t get over the fact that you have to pay a premium for that. Not so much that I couldn’t pay it financially, but than everyone would know that I had paid for “just a colour” :)

The Thinkpad on the other hand is very light and small, just the optimal size for me. And it’s black :) Maybe not as stylish as a MacBook, but I do think that Thinkpads are one of the better looking PC laptops out there. The biggest minus is of course that there is no Mac OS X.

One further reason for picking the Thinkpad was that almost “everyone” nowadays seems to have a MacBook — when I had my iBook years ago I was one of the few in my workplace. So I guess I have to be different again :) Another reason is that I have been testing Ubuntu a bit on my PC at home and I wanted to use it more. I guess I have been missing the geeky adventure of using Linux :)

In a later blog post I will describe my experience of using Vista and Ubuntu on my laptop. And some Linux tips as well :)

Posted by Mats Sjöberg.