Nexus 7 with Cyanogenmod 10

For some time I have been looking at getting a small 7-inch tablet for reading web articles and such. I’ve got articles to “read later” that keep piling up in tabs in Firefox1, because I find it uncomfortable to read long articles sitting at my desk.

I was looking particularly closely at the Nexus 7 Android tablet, and when Cyanogenmod came out with official support in version 10, I decided to buy the tablet. It cost 250€ in here in Finland. Cyanogenmod support was important for me, because I want to have control over any device that I buy.

Installing Cyanogenmod may look a bit scary, but I just followed the steps detailed in the Nexus 7: Full Update Guide, and had absolutely no problems. I did not install the proprietary Google applications since I prefer to run as exclusively FLOSS as possible. I’m using the F-Droid application as a replacement for the Google store, and there is really an enormous selection of good FLOSS apps for Android!

I’m now using Tiny Tiny RSS for reading RSS feeds from my own server (which runs tt-rss), FBReader for reading ebooks, and — perhaps most importantly — Firefox Beta, for reading and automatically syncing the tabs from my desktop computer. Tab syncing alone is a killer feature for my tablet!

  1. Well, Iceweasel actually. 

Posted by Mats Sjöberg.

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