I had been following the roller coaster1 that was Nokia’s Linux-based smart phone operating system effort for some time, when an old friend2, Johan Paul, loaned me an N950.

I was, at first, really disappointed that Nokia’s MeeGo (Harmattan) didn’t support the native Qt UI at all, but that everything had to be rewritten in QML. QML required at least a minimum of JavaScript, and at some point I had heard that there were at least some good parts to JavaScript, so I decided to dive in, and just for the fun of it, write an utterly simple JavaScript-only game for Harmattan/MeeGo!

The game itself is a regular “Match 3” puzzle, where you have to get three or more blocks of the same colour in a row. When the basic gaming functionality started to be more or less in place I asked an old friend of mine, Niklas Gustafsson, if he was interested in replacing my ugly place-holder sprites with some actual graphics. He was, and after that the project was more of a joint project — like in the good old days of DOS games :)

We finally decided that we needed to release something, and on Saturday, October 29, 2011 we put version 1.0 of “Heebo” up on the Nokia Ovi Store — on Monday it was accepted and went live. Today, when I last checked, it had over 1400 downloads and a 5 star rating by users. It was in third place of all free games for Harmattan phones (N9 and N950). That’s the largest distribution of anything that I’ve ever made as far as I know. So, that’s pretty cool.

Ovi Store page: http://store.ovi.com/content/216045
Heebo web page: http://www.sjoberg.fi/mats/software/heebo.html

didn’t find it very amusing.

just that I know them from way back… which kind of implies that they are old doesn’t it? Well, never mind then, forget I ever said something.

  1. The “roller coaster” is a popular amusement ride, although I 

  2. When I say “old friend” I don’t mean that my friends are old, 

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