Civil war in Gaza was planned

David Rose, “The Gaza Bombshell” in Vanity Fair, April 2008:

Vanity Fair has obtained confidential documents, since corroborated by sources in the U.S. and Palestine, which lay bare a covert initiative, approved by Bush and implemented by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Deputy National Security Adviser Elliott Abrams, to provoke a Palestinian civil war. The plan was for forces led by Dahlan, and armed with new weapons supplied at America’s behest, to give Fatah the muscle it needed to remove the democratically elected Hamas-led government from power. (The State Department declined to comment.)

An interesting side-note is that Elliott Abrams was convicted for the Iran-Contra scandal, and later pardoned by George Bush Sr. It has also been alleged that he was involved in the failed coup attempt in Venezuela in 2002 (The Observer, April 21 2002).

UPDATE: The story as reported on Aljazeera: ‘US plot against Hamas’ revealed.

Posted by Mats Sjöberg.