This is the personal web page of Mats Sjöberg. I work as a computer science researcher. I care about social and economic justice. I like reading, walking and programming. I live in Espoo, Finland together with my wife and son.

Contact details

The best way to contact me is via email: My PGP key is 8A9F94D8.

I also use Signal for messaging and occasionally post on Mastodon.

My professional contact details can be found on my researcher web page.

This web page also hosts my blog. I haven’t updated it since 2014, I’m just keeping it for archival purposes.


Here are links to some free software (open source) that I have created in my free time. You can also find software related to my work on my researcher web page. I have an account on GitLab.

Miscellaneous links

Old-fashioned list of links to stuff.

Web pages of friends and relatives

Niklas Gustafsson | Johan Paul | Anders Gustafsson
Åse och Micke


Left Alliance
Amnesty | ATTAC | Skepsis ry
Electronic Frontier Finland ry | FSF Europe
ACM | Pattern Recognition Society of Finland / IAPR