This is the personal web page of Mats Sjöberg. I work as a computer science researcher. I care about social and economic justice. I like reading, walking and programming. I live in Espoo, Finland together with my wife and son.

Contact details

The best way to contact me is via email: My PGP key is 8A9F94D8.

I also use Signal for messaging and occasionally post on Mastodon.

My professional contact details can be found on my researcher web page.


This web page also contains my (rather infrequently updated) blog. The most recent posts are:

My blog also has an RSS feed. Add that link to a Feed reader to get updates whenever there is a new blog post.


Here are links to some free and open source software I have created in my free time. You can also find software related to my work on my researcher web page. I have an account on GitLab.

Miscellaneous links

Old-fashioned list of links to stuff.

Web pages of friends and relatives

Niklas Gustafsson | Johan Paul | Anders Gustafsson
Åse och Micke


Left Alliance
Amnesty | ATTAC | Skepsis ry
Electronic Frontier Finland ry | FSF Europe
ACM | Pattern Recognition Society of Finland / IAPR